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Bathroom products -Tub filler

About bubble bath that is a very comfortable and amazing thing.So generally in the bathroom in the home when installation, a lot of people will attach great importance.Let's focus on the tub fillers and take a look at the relevant knowledge of how to install the tub fillers:

Tub filler is one of the main components of bathtub.Due to frequent use,bathtub faucets are also the most easily damaged parts of the bathtub.Therefore when you choose and buy this kind of faucets,you must consider quality above all.Quality faucets not only reduce the hassle for users, but also last longer and are more cost-effective from an economic point of view.Another important point,consider the problem that installs even. Because the faucet of different bathtub configuration may appear difference, must be careful when you choose and buy.

This month we’d like to introduce our new tub fillers the Square series for your bathroom.
Single Handle Floor Mount Tub Filler trim #BT058
Make a statement in your bath with a floor mount tub filler – an elegant complement to any freestanding bathtub. The included hand shower makes this a versatile addition to your bath, perfect for rinsing off ,washing loved ones and pets, or keeping your tub clean.Our hand showers use at least 20% less water than the industry standard--- helping you save water without compromising performance. You can install with confidence ,knowing that KKFAUCET has 5 years warranty, and lifetime maintenance.


Roman Tub Trim with Hand shower #BT077S
This square series is an intriguing contemporary design elements with strong ,geometric forms and hints of industrial style in the handles.Concealed installation protect the main body and also saves space.Must not underestimate this little thing with a appearance callous and hard face,it is the indispensable part in your bathroom adornment not only,and inside still contains great knowledge.


Post time: Nov-04-2022