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  • Fauct With A Super Water Saving Function

    HESHAN MANBONG SANITARY WARE TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD company launched a new type of low lead brass faucet, which has a super water saving function to help users save resources and reduce water costs. It is reported that this faucet adopts high tech technology, has been carefu...
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  • We are excited to be part of IBS show 2023

    We are excited to be part of IBS show 2023

    To meet the needs of our global audience, the show features exhibitors, products and materials involved in all types of buildings—including wood, concrete, stone and brick. We also hold education sessions focusing on the latest developments in ...
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  • Newsletter from IAPMO R&T

    Newsletter from IAPMO R&T

    Global Connect Advisor Lee Mercer, IAPMO – California’s AB 100 Impacts Sales Of Drinking Water Products If you’re a manufacturer of water system products intended to convey or dispense water for human consumption and you plan to sell them in th...
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  • Bathroom products -Tub filler

    Bathroom products -Tub filler

    About bubble bath that is a very comfortable and amazing thing.So generally in the bathroom in the home when installation, a lot of people will attach great importance.Let's focus on the tub fillers and take a look at the relevant knowledge of how to install the tub fill...
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